Rent our Facility

Our facility is in a beautiful country setting on 27 acres just south of Bloomsburg on Deussen Drive. The primary purpose of the BCC Campus is to encourage activities that support the core values and mission of our Church. Along with providing a gathering place for our Church body, BCC is committed to playing an active part in our local community. As part of this commitment, we make our facilities available to rent for a wide variety of activities. Rental opportunities are extended to Individual BCC members, Non-profit organizations, Individual non-members, and a limited number of For-profit community-oriented organizations. Please click the link below to read our Facility Use Policy and to access all the necessary rental forms through the hyperlinks on the policy.

Completed forms are to be submitted to the BCC office via USPS mail, Email, or may be delivered in person during regular business hours.

BCC Facility Use Policy and Documents